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Have fun - get active!Have fun - get active!


How can we survive as left-wing activists in Linz? What can we do against political isolation? Where can we go...?
Many of us are puzzled with these questions.

The autonomous info-collective wants to inform about left-wing actions, dates and groups/collectives in Linz (and somethimes in the region). We will try to collect information and present it on this plattform.

By doing this, we want to try to make life a bit easier for all of us. We want to help avoid missing the next demonstration, workshop or collective vegan cooking/eating ("volxkueche").

You can find dates concerning left-wing theory and action. Also, we want to present left-wing groups/collectives and show possibilities to get active, participate. Besides this we made a list of places/locations we like to go to and a list of music-projects we'd like to support. Please note, that these lists are by no means finished. For updating and changing them we need you're help – if you're project, group, etc wants to be listed or if you have ideas concerning our plattform – write an email! linzlinks[at]servus.at. We want to reflect on this poject and develop it – criticism and feedback is very welcome!

If you want to be informed through a (un)regular e-mail from linzlinks, subscribe to our newsletter !

Autonomous Info-collective, Linz - January 2012